— Curious Expedition 2 FAQ! —

What’s Curious Expedition 2?

Curious Expedition 2 is a roguelike expedition simulation videogame set in the late 19th century, developed by Berlin-based indie studio Maschinen-Mensch. It’s the follow-up to the original Curious Expedition, which was selected by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as “Best Roguelike Game of 2016”.

What does it mean the game is in Closed Alpha?

It means the game is still in development, but we decided to give access to some players in advance, so they can give us their feedback and help us make a better game. This process is similar to the one we used for the original Curious Expedition, which received 30 feature updates while in Early Access.

How can I join the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha?

All you need to do is to sign up using your email address at this page. We’ll send keys to new sign-ups on a regular basis in batches, so please have some patience and keep an eye on your email inboxes. Alternatively, you can also join the Closed Alpha by finding the golden pyramid in Curious Expedition Rivals!

Does it cost anything to join the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha?

No, joining the Closed Alpha by signing up on this page is free. But if you want join the Close Alpha by playing Curious Expedition Rivals, you need to own a copy of Curious Expedition.

For which platforms is the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha available?

The Closed Alpha is only available for Windows. Important: you will also need a Discord account and the Discord desktop client installed in order to play.

How can I submit feedback, suggestions and bugs?

You can do all of those things in the appropriate channels on our official Discord server. We’d like to have all of these communications on Discord, so we can keep track of them using our project management tool Codecks.

Am I allowed to stream / publish videos of the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha?

No. Since the Closed Alpha is still a work in progress, which is not representative of what the final game will be like, we kindly ask you to avoid streaming or publishing videos of it.

When will Curious Expedition 2 be released to the public?

The game will come out in 2020.